I’ve discovered there’s a lot you can do inside haunted houses.


For example, you can:

  • be in a shampoo commercial


  • start a boy band:


  • spot some choice booty:


  • break into song:


  • see some people in frankly offensive outfits:


  • attend a metal show:


  • listen to some sick jams:


  • discover zombieism:


  • sample some tasty snacks:


  • watch someone get burned bad:


  • find something you really like:


  • find something you really, really like:


  • find something you REALLY REALLY LIKE:


  • and wonder if you left the stove on:


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One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.


No matter how many times I see this, I never fail to be impressed by that last sentence.

Wow never noticed this

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this is so cute oh my god look at her smile 

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Pictured above is the world’s largest indoor farm illuminated by LEDs, which opened this month in Japan. Inside, 18 cultivation racks reach 15 levels high, and are outfitted with 17,500 GE LED light fixtures developed specifically for this facility. The indoor farm can grow lettuce two-and-a-half times faster than an outdoor farm, and is already producing 10,000 heads of it per day. Read more about this breakthrough in modern farming at GE Reports.   

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in s4, i want john to get hurt, and right before the camera goes to black all you hear is sherlock shouting “JOHN!!!!” and then when the camera slowly fades back in, it’s on a shot of john waking up in the hospital and seeing sherlock asleep in the chair beside him, and sherlock has his hand so close to john’s but he’s not actually touching it, and john carefully, slowly puts his hand on top of sherlock’s and watches him sleep and whispers “i know”, and then he takes his hand away right before sherlock wakes up and never mentions it again 

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SeaWorld is 50 years old and we have 50 good reasons NOT to go there!

No. 33:  In the wild, the main life expectancy of orcas is 30 years for males and 50 for females. While a very small number of captive whales has achieved these average life spans, most die in their teens and 20s and none have come anywhere close to the estimated maximum life spans of 60-70 years for males and 80-90 for females.

Please go to http://uk.whales.org/
Wdc-in-action/ending-captive-cruelty to support our fight against captivity!

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The moment when Harry takes Draco's wandJ. K. Rowling: I said to Arthur, my American editor - we had an interesting conversation during the editing of seven - the moment when Harry takes Draco's wand, Arthur said, God, that's the moment when the ownership of the Elder wand is actually transferred? And I said, that's right. He said, shouldn't that be a bit more dramatic? And I said, no, not at all, the reverse. I said to Arthur, I think it really puts the elaborate, grandiose plans of Dumbledore and Voldemort in their place. That actually the history of the wizarding world hinged on two teenage boys wrestling with each other. They weren't even using magic. It became an ugly little corner tussle for the possession of wands. And I really liked that - that very human moment, as opposed to these two wizards who were twitching strings and manipulating and implanting information and husbanding information and guarding information, you know? Ultimately it just came down to that, a little scuffle and fistfight in the corner and pulling a wand away.
Melissa Anelli: It says a lot about the world at large, I think, about conflict in the world, it's these little things -
J. K. Rowing: And the difference one individual can make. Always, the difference one individual can make.
<3 That moment when a friend reblogs something from your book....<3

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I do not think that word means what you think it means.

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